Our Programmes

The Foundation’s programme implementation process begins with an evaluation of the schools. This involves a comprehensive assessment of the students, the physical and social environment, and observation of teaching. Depending on the needs of each school, a B.E.F. Early Childhood Education Practitioner is assigned for one year or more and through direct classroom intervention and scheduled workshops, the Basic School teachers’ instructional skills and capabilities in Literacy and Numeracy are enhanced.

Literacy Enhancement Programme

The Literacy Programme is a Balanced Integrated Language Arts programme incorporating and consolidating the components of Literacy; listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and comprehending. The programme uses carefully sequenced Literacy Strategies and Techniques to build fluent independent readers.

Numeracy Enhancement Programme

The Numeracy Programme offers a balanced and integrated approach to Numeracy development, focusing on all strands of Numeracy; classifying, seriation / ordering, number sense, geometry, measurement, spatial relations and maths language in order to develop proficiency in Mathematics and ‘life long’ problem solvers.

The P.I.A.P. Programme

P.I.A.P. (Parent Involvement and Awareness Programme) seeks to create awareness among parents regarding the important role they play in their child’s development. At the beginning of the school year, parents are requested to sign a contract committing them to adhere to the programme’s guidelines, which includes student attendance, homework supervision and attendance at parent meetings. The programme is lead by B.E.F. Social Workers who host the parenting sessions at the schools. Topics explored include stages of child development, behaviour management, trauma management, parenting roles and responsibilities and instructional material preparation.


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