Barita Roadmap

Your Route to Financial Security


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What is the Barita Roadmap?

The Barita Roadmap is a financial planning service designed to help you the investor meet any goal for any stage in your life.

Why should I create a Roadmap?

Many individuals consider investing “over their heads” and do not take advantage of the wide assortment of instruments available to help them meet their goals. Many individuals also find it difficult to take a disciplined approach to saving which prevents them from achieving their dreams.

With The Barita Roadmap you will receive:

  • Professional financial advice to put you on the right road to meet your goals.
  • A Structured plan to invest in.
  • An opportunity to get the best possible combination of products and services to meet your needs.

How does it work?

Once you determine what your goal is (e.g. to retire in comfort or purchase a home), an Investment Advisor will ascertain your risk profile and help you to design a portfolio with the right combination of Barita’s products. The portfolio will specify the amount of money you need to invest on a monthly basis to help you reach your goal. Annual follow up’s are also done with you to ensure that you’re still on track to meeting your goals!