CI Mutual Funds

CI Corporate Class of Funds

What is the CI Corporate Class of Funds?

The CI Corporate Class of Funds are international mutual funds managed by CI Investments Limited. CI Investments is one of the most successful fund companies in Canada. The key to its success is based on its talented fund managers and the diverse range of products in specific regions and sectors. This success has put them at the top of their industry with the highest number of five star rated funds ranked by Morningstar Canada.


Presently 40 of the funds are registered with the Financial Services Commission for sale in Jamaica.

Why invest in CI?

Mutual funds offer a great opportunity to participate in diverse investment markets. At CI, you have access to some of the world’s leading portfolio managers and a huge universe of international investment options. CI gives you the option of investing in several different industries (e.g. energy, natural resources, and health), geographic regions (e.g. Asia, Europe, North America) and asset classes (stocks, bonds, fixed income instruments). Other benefits include:

  • Low expense costs.
  • Attractive returns
  • A cutting edge shareholder administration system which allows clients to view their accounts via the website at any time..
  • Clients can access their funds at any time.

What is the minimum to open an account?

  • The minimum to invest with CI is US$500 or CAD$500.
  • Clients can add to their account at any time with a minimum of US$50 or CDN $50.