Barita Tools

Compute the amount you will earn

This calculator allows you to compute the total purchase price required to buy stocks/shares and the present value or sale value of your existing stocks/shares.

Please Note

  • If you are using the 'Current Stock Price' link please refer to the Last Sale Price column.
  • This calculator assumes all stocks were bought in one trade. Often times, the stock broker is unable to fill the order in one trade. This results in the stock broker executing multiple trades to fill the order. A consequence of this is higher total fees.
  • Average Broker Commission is usually 2%. Please verify the commission rate for your transaction by calling your Investment Advisor.
  • The calculator cannot be used for US denominated local stocks. Please contact your Investment Advisor.

Tips for using the calculator:

  1. Please type in numbers only. Do not use commas or decimals.
  2. Use the tab key or your mouse to move around in the worksheet.
  3. This calculator is intended to serve as an informational tool only, and should not be construed as legal or investment advice. Please consult with your investment advisor about your unique circumstances.

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